Sarada Rauch
Sarada Rauch

album release – side A with collection of music videos
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solo show on view at Elephant Space
January 6 – January 29, 2017
Opening reception Friday, January 6th 7-10pm

3325 division street los angeles, ca 90065 

In the realm of a dying star we revolve around – in a circle, a revolution, an orbit– we are floating, and some call it flying, but really it’s continuous falling. Falling fast enough to avoid crashing, but too slow to escape the pull of gravity. Stuck in a regular repeating path around. Disaster means “bad star” in Greek. Just like how a snowball turns into an avalanche, a small rocky body can take out a species. From that belt, between Mars and Jupiter, Gods of War and State. And as I contemplate this, that asteroid swings by again, those walls are never high enough, they are never full enough, revolution is a circle. Each time around it’s the same, but it is also a little different. 

In the realm of a dying star
is a concept album and collection of music videos. In this show, some of the poems are songs, some of the videos are sculptures, and some of the photos move.

On view on Saturdays 12-4pm and by appointment.

To schedule a visit, email elephant: 


In the realm of a dying star
Side A