Sarada Rauch





I have a hand in it
performance at The Drawing Center, 2015

I puncture a helium balloon, and breath in. After the helium effects my voice, I read a line of my poem, and show the audience those pages. I turn the page, and repeat the process until I am done reading this poem:

When lost in the woods, in an attempt to walk straight (towards civilization),
one leg is longer and will always overstep.
You end up walking in a circle.
To combat this, pick a point on the horizon to aim towards.

And even though the horizon line doesn't exist,
news comes at me from beyond that point.

Over the curve, my eyes do not reach that far on their own.
So I have a screen like a window.
My hand swipes the image, pushes and pulls on it.
Still images of action, I pinch the image smaller, like preparing for a suture.
I'm aware that my life is full of stuff made from spoils of war.
I have a hand in it.