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album release – side A
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In the realm of a dying star we revolve around – in a circle, a revolution, an orbit – we are floating, and some call it flying, but really it’s continuous falling. Falling fast enough to avoid crashing, but too slow to escape the pull of gravity. Stuck in a regular repeating path around. Disaster means “bad star” in Greek. Just like how a snowball turns into an avalanche, a small rocky body can take out a species. From that belt, between Mars and Jupiter, Gods of War and State. And as I contemplate this, that asteroid swings by again, those walls are never high enough, they are never full enough, revolution is a circle. Each time around it’s the same, but it is also a little different. 

In the realm of a dying star
is a project that combines three versions of my practice – music, poetry and art – into a concept album and its collection of music videos. The album will be released in three sides: Side A, Side B and Side C.


In the realm of a dying star
collection of music videos